Unboxing Samsung Series 9


Ultra-thin, ultra-light, and premium-design of Samsung Series 9 notebook, and if you are looking for special one this one is the sleekest, most portable fully capable notebook now. Samsung Series 9 is much like the MacBook Air, with a premium design and high-end price.Its: 0.64 inches thick, it weights 2.89 pounds, with 4GB memory, aircraft-grade Duralumin material which is twice stronger than aluminium. It boots Windows in under 20 seconds and has 160-degree viewing angles. Because the specifications and pricing are so close, between the Samsung Series 9 and the MacBook Air may be a matter of OS preference. Are you Mac or PC? With the Samsung 9 Series launch, Samsung challenges Apple and other competitors for that high end mobile market with an ambitious plan to boost sales of global laptops.



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