Black Monster From Colorful Technology

China`s corporation Colorful Technology presented their special version graphics card Ge-Force GTX 560 Ti. It will hear on a name iGame GTX 560 Ti Kudan.


The card features the GF-114 GTX 560Ti chip featuring 380 Cuda Cores clocked at 820Mhz Stock, 900Mhz with Turbo-Bios On (located on the PCB) and 1010 MHz with the Monster BIOS when connected with the Turbo Kit which features an extra add in card to provide more power phases other than the 8 Phase VRM on board. A memory of 1GB GDDR5 is set across a 256-bit wide memory interface clocked at 4000 MHz (4200 MHz Turbo/4500 MHz Monster). The GPU is powered by three Six Pin Power Connectors.


Two Way SLI is supported and display outputs include dual-DVI, plus HDMI. The heatsink itself is 3 slots wide and comes equipped with a large aluminium fin array cooled by 2 80mm fans featuring the shark fins and a single 90mm fan. Other accessories include a backplate, five detachable heatsinks (part of the Air-Kit), as well as paints and Color-Kit for customizing the cooler’s plate.



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