Apple Announced iOS 6

The new iPhone was not officialy seen yet, but for consolation prize Apple presented new Operation System – iOS 6. Siri (personal agent assisant) has again won the stage. It is now capable of finding a wider range of information and news about people, sports, movies and so on and can also run applications, read the new notice on the phone and speak several languages​​.

 iOS 6 brings some new features and accessories and will be available
for the iPhone 3G and newer IPAD second and third generation and
fourth-generation iPod touch. Original iPad is no longer supported. Beta
version is already available, the official, final version is coming in

Apple Is Bringing Siri To Your Car So You Can Drive ‘Eyes Free’

Apple is currently in talks with various automobile manufacturers such as BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler, Honda and others for Siri button system in cars. It will be installed in the steering wheel (buttons) and it will enable management the car with voice commands. Siri buttons will be installed in the cars in next twelve months.

Facebook is now integrated throughout the system so that it can integrate well with the directory where displays news and photos of
friends. Google Maps has replaced the Maps application, based on program
called Tom Tom. The iPhone and the iPad 3 4S also provides voice
guidance and cooperation with Syria, (example: “Find the nearest pump”).


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