Dizzy Wright – Solo Dolo

Dizzy Wright’s first single off his upcoming album, SmokeOut Conversations. Funk Volume 2012.

Inspired by the lights I’m being patient with this shit
I’mma probably hit your city and rep Vegas all in that bitch
Look, ladies all on my dick
Throw that pussy just so I notice them, backstage and I’m on my shit
Them hoes seen the dough and they broke it in
I got bad shit on my mind, but I’m looking like I’m supposed to win
I did bad shit in my time, now I’m dealing with it as an older kid
I spit real shit for the real niggas, truth is they can’t take this shit
These niggas try to take my soul, them niggas better know how to take a clip
I got guns all in my closet, attention all in these chapters
God all on my side, you can hear the shed of my laughter
With these little niggas that’ll ride for me
Big homies that’s guiding me
But God can’t protect everything see this four-five on the side of me
See it’s 2012 and my mind fucked, fucked around and got mindfucked
Rewind back smoke some tree and realize where y’all ’bout to wind up
Took the time now understand it’s an understatement to underplan
Front ya man I say fuck a deal I got the skills I need a hundred grand
I’m starting my own shit boy, putting all of my niggas on, we in the zone
We traveling I got the whole world tryna sing along
Swagging out for y’all little niggas
Just to get to y’all little niggas
I pray to God that you pray to God
Stay in your lane and we good nigga

Money plus the pussy plus the pain
Equals pleasure, but the pleasure equals change
And when I tell a nigga that I’m growing that don’t mean that I’m no lame
I just figured how to operate the game, can’t trust ’em so I be riding
Solo Dolo(x3)
I can’t trust ’em so I’m riding
Solo Dolo(x3)

(Verse 2)
I seen the hate when I seen the fame
Same niggas from my projects
I seen the lane and I mastered it
You fascinated by my progress
Boy I been on my P’s and Q’s
Believe in me you believe the truth
Momma ain’t raised no ho nigga
But the streets had to show me how to speak the truth
Still walking that Wright Road, I Soul Searched and I found me
Lost some niggas, gained some niggas
But I’m proud of the niggas that surround me
Proud of the niggas that found me
Funk Volume all in ya face!
Flintstone better get gone, all about my chips cause I’m Vegas raised
See I got a little hate in my heart like I play in the dark
Kinda crazy but I’m playing it smart
Can’t stunt so I came to talk, the sound of pissing an angel off
Ain’t it hard, living the life, by the end of the night you’ll be all alone
Came with niggas but them ain’t the niggas that was with you when you first walked through that door


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