Favorite Part Of Rust?

rust logo
Rust it`s pretty awesome survival game. You have to survive around dangerous animals(it used to be zombies but they got wiped out of the game) and even more dangerous players (they will probably kill you on sight, so be careful). If you wanna survive your first night you don`t really wanna trust no one. Gather some wood, food and that should be it.
Build your home on safe location if you don`t wanna get raided, but you`ll probably get anyway.. so build your base like a maze and more than with one floor. Try to get friends to play with you, makes things much easier. I bought it and I love it!
Game isn`t finished yet but it sales like butter. One million sales in two months! If you love survival games I recommend that you buy it now while it`s still cheap.
Dont forget to check out Map cause you will need it!

Check out Rust journalist trying to get few answers, what people feel about game, what would they like to add.. Did he get answers or bullets?

Happy rusting!


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