Emperor Workstation

A triple-screen hydraulic workstation with full surround sound, air ventilation and touch screen controls.


Monitors– Three synchronized 19-inch LCD displays totaling a resolution of 3840 x 1024 pixels and refresh rate of 2ms.

Control Center
7” LCD Touch Screen which is OS and Power independent from the Emperor’s integrated PC. The control center allows the user to control chair position and integrated systems such as lighting control, air flow, sound, PC startup/shutdown, battery backup system and more.

Communication Devices – Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000,
GN Netcom 9120-Flex Wireless Headset with Noise-canceling


Lighting – Adjustable perimeter LED lighting,
Four adjustable working LED lights,
Full spectrum lighting (to avoid the jaundice)

Seat – Recaro Style Top-line all leather black seat,
Fully adjustable,
Climate package available,
Height&Tilt adjustment

Air -HEPA Air Purification System
Battery Back-up – Built in power backup for up to 30 minutes of run-time in case of sudden power failure.
Built in safe shut down feature.


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