20 Crazy Facts You Probably Didn`t even Think about!

1. Eiffel Tower is 15cm taller in the summer!

2. Girls have more tastebuds than boys!

3. The largest painting on Earth is 72437 square foot smile face!

4. Average human body contains enough iron to make 3 inch nail.

5. Beaver teeth never stop growing!

6. The longest jail sentence passed was 10,000 years.

7. If sharks go upside down they slip into a coma.

8. Neanderthal`s had bigger brains than us!

9. The slowest fish is a seahorse.

10. In Virginia chickens cannot lay eggs before 8.00am and must be done before 4.00pm.

11. Hitler was voted time magazine`s man of year 1938!

12. Turtles can breath through their bums!

13. The pupil dilates 45% when looking something pleasant.

14. Apples are more effective than coffee at waking you up in the morning.

15. It takes 595 oranges to charge an iphone!

16. Giraffes clean their ears with their 18+ inch tongue!

17. Earthworms have more than 9 hearts!

18. Columbus believed Earth was pear shapped.

19. Nintendo once owned a taxy company.

20. The original name for butterfly was “flutterby”

21. Google was originally named “backrub”.

22. The YO-YO was originally used as a weapon!


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