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From a Small Lake, To a Mystery Hole

In Sanica (located in Bosnia and Herzegovina) something strange happened on the night 15th of November 2013. Where there was a small like once, deep around 5meters, is now a mystery hole. Water from lake disappeared in one night, this mystery hole it`s getting bigger. Sanica`s people said that is spreading 3-4meters in all directions everyday. It`s eating everything on… Read more →


Mercedes SLS AMG GT3

Mercedes Benz has whipped up a special edition of its SLS AMG GT3 racecar to mark the 45th anniversary of the very first SL model. It is based on the racing version of AMG’s gullwing supercar and it is priced from a staggering 446,250 euros (approximately $578,530). SLS AMG GT3 is sure to become quite collectible in the coming years. Read more →


HighSchool Teacher Accused of Having Group Sex With 4 Teenagers

High school teacher is accused of having group sex with four teenagers, while the fifth recorded the event with his mobile phone. 28-year old mother of three children seduced five students with SMS messages. The messages were becoming increasingly hot. In a single day they have exchanged hundreds of messages. Even the jury saw the clip. Despite the fact that… Read more →