5 Most Successful Billionaires of 2014

Never before have there been so many billionaires as in year 2014, 155 new fresh billionaires. Worldwide, there are around 2400 billionaires that own combined assets of $7.3 trillion.
Most of them live in Europe (775), the United States (609) and Asia (560). The city with the most billionaires is New York City.
The most interesting fact: 86% of the billionaires are considered to be self-made billionaires!

The analysis Institut WealthX revealed the most successful billionaires of 2014!

1. Jack Ma – Ali Baba

From the English teacher to the selfmade billionaire! Jack Ma founded his online sales platform AliBaba with only $60,000. This year he was able to increase his assets by 173%. That gives him a net worth of around $18.5 billion dollars (15.2 billion euros)!




2. Warren Buffet – Investor
Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett Interview
Warren Buffet added 13.5 billion US dollars (11.03 billion euros) to his fortune trough good investments. His total assets increased to around $72.6 billion dollars (59.36 billion euros)!




3. Bill Gates – Microsoft
Bill Gates remains with total assets of $83.1 billion the richest person in the world. This year he was able to increase his assets by $10.5 billion (8.58 billion euros)!




4. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook
BillionairesindexZuckerberg belongs to the youngest multi-billionaires in the world. This year he was able to earn about $8.4 billion US dollars (6.86 billion euros). He has a total fortune of estimated $32.5 billion dollars (26.57 billion euros)!





5. Patrick Drahi – Telecommunication
Billionairespatrick_drahi_figThe nearly unknown Frenchman Patrick Drahi has also made it into the Top 5. He earned around $5.1 billion dollars (4.16 billion euros) in 2014. Its total assets: $11.2 billion US dollars (9.15 billion euros)!


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